HoofdmenuSmart sauna: a modern solution from Larnitech

The desire for a comfortable and safe life is an integral part of the human personality. It is not surprising that most of the achievements of technological progress are aimed precisely at satisfying this need. Over the past decades, a separate industry has even formed – Smart Home, which creates integrated solutions for automating and improving the functionality of all elements of a modern home.

Regulation of biodynamic lighting in accordance with the time of day and season, automated control of the microclimate and heating systems, remote control of security systems – these are just a few examples of what functions the elements of the Smart Home system perform.

However, in recent years, there has been an increasing demand for additional functionality that allows you to make leisure time in a smart home even more comfortable. In particular, we are talking about smart saunas. If you have been thinking about installing a sauna in your home, then this article is for you.

Why do you need sauna automation?

When the cold season comes, many of us, returning from work after a long working week, dream of relaxing in a warm sauna with family or friends. To make this time as pleasant and safe as possible, you will definitely need a technical solution for smart saunas from the German company Larnitech.

In particular, Larnitech equipment can perform the following functions:

  • Humidity control. Thanks to air quality sensors, the system automatically maintains the desired level of humidity in the sauna room.
  • Temperature control. You can set temperature limits in advance. This way, when relaxing with friends and family, you won’t have to worry about the sauna overheating the air, which can be hazardous to your health.
  • Remote control. You can remotely turn on the heating in the sauna, adjust all the desired parameters manually or use one of the previously programmed modes. By the time you get home, a fully prepared sauna will be waiting for you.
  • Presence sensors. Thanks to motion sensors, the system fully controls the lighting and turns it on only when there are people in the room.
  • Sauna lighting. With the Larnitech RGB panel, you can dim the lighting, control the sauna lighting and choose from a wide range of colors to create a unique atmosphere that suits your mood.
  • CO2 level control and ventilation. If carbon dioxide level increases, the sensors will record this and turn on emergency ventilation in the premises. In addition, the system will notify the owners of the incident.
  • Multimedia. Through speakers in the sauna, the Multiroom system will play music and any emergency notifications (for example, about rising of CO2 levels). You can easily change the playlist directly from your phone in the Larnitech app or from the wall controller. Multiroom can also serve as a timer and notify you every 10/15/20 minutes with a certain sound or message.

Comfort, safety and savings

With the Smart Home system from Larnitech, you can automate most types of baths and saunas.

  • Dry sauna (also known as Finnish or Swedish) – traditional sauna with high temperature and low humidity.
  • Steam bath (also known as Roman bath) is a sauna with a low temperature level but a high level of humidity.
  • Salt room – a sauna in which the walls are lined with salt layers.
  • Infrared sauna – a sauna heated by infrared emitters.

In these saunas, the Larnitech system will maintain an optimal balance between humidity and temperature, turn on infrared lighting and monitor CO2 levels.

If you are the owner of a whole sauna complex, then the automation solution will be the most effective for you, because you can control all the saunas together or each separately from one Larnitech application!

Another important aspect of sauna automation is energy savings. Thanks to the fact that you can precisely indicate the time when you need a heated sauna, and the system controls the presence of people in the room, you can significantly reduce the energy consumption used in the sauna.

If you often forget to turn off the sauna, then the following function can be configured in the system: if within 30 minutes motion sensors don’t detect people in the room, the sauna will turn off automatically.

Therefore, in the medium term, the funds spent on the purchase and installation of the smart system will return to you in the form of money that you saved on the maintenance and use of a smart sauna.

About Larnitech

Larnitech Smart Home Systems have found their followers in many European countries and beyond. All equipment is manufactured on our own full-cycle production in Germany. This means that we are talking about quality products that undergo strict EU tests and certifications. Moreover, our own production allows us to offer a reasonable price for our products, which also distinguishes us among competitors.

Many years of experience in manufacturing Smart Home systems, product quality control at all stages of production and affordable prices are the three main reasons why you should buy Larnitech products.